Vision Statement

The Adult Basic Education Association of British Columbia is an organization proactive in the development of policy, delivery, and evaluation of accessible, relevant, high quality education for adults in British Columbia. It s vision focuses on excellence in professional development and recognition of the unique perspective of the practitioner in the design and implementation of policy and programs.

Priorities & Meetings

People in the Adult Basic Education Association of British Columbia:

  • Care about high-quality learning opportunities for under-educated adults.
  • Work with others involved in adult education.
  • Raise Awareness of the basic educational needs of British Columbians.
  • Publish Groundwork, a professional publication for adult basic educators in British Columbia.
  • Donate awards to outstanding students in each member organization.
    • Each year the ABEABC provides a $100.00 bursary to a student in a member organization.The decision on who is to receive the bursary is made by the organization which can use its own criteria in selection.We do, however, ask that the following characteristics be considered carefully.
      1. The recipient should be what we consider a true ABE student, i.e.someone who left school without completinggrade 11.
      2. The recipient should demonstrate excellence, probably in the area of outstanding progress being made (not necessarily academic achievement).
      3. The recipient should be someone giving their courses their best effort
      4. The recipient should be a role model for other students, perhaps one showing some leadership skills, and being a good team member of the classes and the school.