The Adult Basic Education Association of British Columbia’s 2023 conference, Reconnecting: Bringing Together Colleagues and Communities to Find Success, is taking place on April 28th at Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

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Connection, Education, and the Brain

Keynote Description: 

How does the instructional approach to the student help to create an environment of successful learning? Bob draws on his research and teaching on education and the brain and best practices for instruction. His approaches meet the needs of a variety of learning environments due to his varied teaching portfolio. He celebrates the ABE Educator and the emotional engagement and safe space making that is present in the ABE classroom. Come and be encouraged and excited about your teaching practice and student success.


Bob Aitken has spent the last 32 years teaching in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College.  Prior to that time, he was an instructor and department head in adult basic education and other areas in colleges in BC and Alberta. He has given many presentations in colleges, business and industry for more than 30 years. 

His main interests at the present are in brain research and its implications for effective instruction in adult education, and student success and retention. 

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